Frequently Asked Questions

How is Food First MD different?

Food First MD is a medical practice that combines specialized medical evaluations with nutritional guidance. It is unlike any medical or diet plan—because it is not just a medical or diet plan.

Patient evaluations are specific, personalized, and comprehensive. Dr. Christine addresses the root cause of problems rather than treating symptoms. Treatment plans include focused nutrition guidelines to help heal the root cause of ailments.

Additionally, Dr. Christine helps to retrain your entire relationship with food. Society villainizes food, leading us to believe food is harmful and we need to count calories, restrict it, and feel guilty for enjoying it. This mindset requires retraining and reeducation. Food is NOT the enemy. Rather, it is the exact opposite. Food IS medicine. Food has healing power. When the body is nourished properly, the body can heal from the inside out. Dr. Christine has had much success helping patients resolve chronic ailments and decreasing the need for medications.

How is Dr. Christine different from a Primary Care Physician?
Dr. Christine is dual board certified in both Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine and is a certified Metabolic Health Practitioner. She also has a master’s degree in human nutrition. She is a specialist and serves as a consulting physician, rather than a PCP. She can order medications, lab work, imaging, and diagnostic studies just like your PCP. But she sets higher standards for health than routine primary care, therefore her orders tend to be more extensive and diagnostic, frequently unveiling issues missed in annual physicals or rushed office visits. Dr. Christine is happy to communicate with your PCP and other providers to give updates and facilitate medication adjustments.
Will insurance cover my visit?
Maybe. We believe you should receive the highest level of personalized care, so Dr. Christine operates out-of-network allowing her to provide care without limitations. This means payment is expected in full on the morning of service.

However, if you have insurance, our staff will check your out-of-network benefits and provide an estimated amount that your insurance will reimburse for the service. After your visit, our office will submit a superbill and file a claim on your behalf with your insurance provider. Once approved, your insurance provider will send your reimbursement.

Please note, superbills cannot be submitted for Medicare as Dr. Christine has opted out of Medicare.

Note, insurance will typically cover lab work and imaging studies ordered by Dr. Christine.

How can I pay for services?
We accept all major credit cards, HSAs/FSA, cash and check. Please note if paying by cash or check we require a credit card to be on file.
Can I use an FSA/HSA card for payment?
Yes. Our office accepts most FSA/HSA cards. Check with your individual plan to ensure services are covered.
Do I need a referral to see Dr. Christine?
You do NOT need a referral. In fact, you can often get evaluated and treated much quicker than a traditional PCP since there are no insurance barriers.
What are the fees to see Dr. Christine?

Please refer to the Your Journey page.

How do I schedule an appointment with Dr. Christine?

Call the office at 203.441.1075 or fill out the CONTACT form on the website.

How do I stay up-to-date on Food First MD's happenings?

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