Metabolic Medicine

Metabolic Medicine

Metabolic Medicine assists the body in healing by supporting a wide variety of biochemical reactions that enable the body to convert food into energy, build and repair tissues, eliminate waste, and regulate various physiological functions. The physician’s role is to understand what’s happening in your body — especially in your cells — and help you unlock your own innate power to heal. Food First MD specializes in using therapeutic nutritional interventions to target metabolism. This metabolic approach to healthcare differs from the standard medical approach in three primary ways:

Holistic Focus

The metabolic approach takes a holistic perspective by concentrating on human metabolism, which is at the core of every cell and organ in the body. In contrast, the standard medical approach tends to be organ-specific, with different physicians specializing in specific organs or systems. For example, cardiologists address heart issues, pulmonologist focus on the lungs, and so on. However, a metabolic medicine physician looks at the entire body, recognizing that metabolism is interconnected throughout.

Root Cause Perspective

In the standard medical approach, common diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, cancers, and dementia are often treated as separate conditions with distinct risk factors. The metabolic approach, on the other hand, considers these conditions as symptoms stemming from an underlying root cause, such as a dysfunctional metabolism.

A Unifying Solution

Consequently, the metabolic approach corrects dysfunctional metabolism by adjusting the body’s internal chemistry using food and lifestyle, thereby targeting multiple alignments with a functional intervention. In contrast, the standard medical approach often manages individual diseases with multiple drugs, viewing them as chronic and progressive conditions without addressing their common metabolic origins.

Overall, the metabolic approach offers a more integrated and proactive perspective on healthcare by focusing on the fundamental processes that underlie various health issues, aiming to provide unified solutions, while the standard medical approach typically treats each condition in isolation with its own set of treatments.

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