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Your Journey to Vibrant Health…

Your journey to vibrant health depends upon the success of a custom-tailored metabolic treatment plan. This requires a full understanding of your unique biology, needs and goals. There’s no “standard” treatment protocol to prescribe after a 15-minute exam.

Food First MD visits are 30-60 minutes long. They include education and collaboration with Dr. Christine, as well as Advanced Biometric Screening. This involves stepping barefoot onto a special scale that breaks down body weight intopounds of water, muscle, and body fat.  This information is used to calculate optimal protein intake, monitor changes in body composition, and measure results to keep you motivated on your journey back to health. 

Along the way, Remote Patient Monitoring devices can help determine what’s working best for you. Whether you need continuous guidance and support on a regular basis or just periodical check-ins, Dr. Christine is on your team, helping you overcome obstacles and reach your goals.

Metabolic Assessment

In your first 90-minute visit, Dr. Christine learns about your story, symptoms, habits and goals. You’ll learn more about how Metabolic Medicine can help you turn your health around. Then we’ll formulate initial steps for your journey. We’ll also discuss bloodwork, imaging studies and other state-of-art diagnostic tools that can help assess exactly what’s causing your discomfort.


Nutrition Intensive

The next hour combines education, test results, and
collaboration.  You’ll discover The ABCs of Metabolic Eating and we’ll fine tune your treatment plan. Within days, your customized Food First MD Rx plan will arrive by email. This unique guide will help you begin using food to balance your chemistry, hormones, and metabolism. Remote Patient Monitoring may be recommended to track glucose and ketone levels, helping us determine how and when to adjust your treatment plan.

    4- Month Accountability Program

    Old habits are often hard to break. Because food is usually tied-in to emotional patterns, ongoing expert support is often necessary to develop good habits and maintain your therapeutic approach to eating. This program can also help you succeed at keeping promises to yourself. Scheduled follow-ups and touchpoint phone calls are included in one low monthly fee.

      A la Carte Follow-Ups

      If you prefer to develop your own schedule, 30-minute follow-up visits can be arranged as-needed. These sessions may include dietary assessments, alternative food solutions, screening for side- effects, answers to questions, coaching, recipes, and encouragement — it’s all about making your journey easier and more enjoyable. Healthy food can be fun and delicious!


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      Insurance Disclaimer

      To receive medical care from at Food First MD you must establish care in the state of Connecticut via an in-office or Telemedicine appointment. To provide the most supportive care, Dr. Christine operates as an out-of-network provider and does not accept health insurance, per say. Payment in full is expected on the morning of service. However. if you have insurance, our staff can check your out-of-network benefits and provide an estimated amount that your insurance will reimburse for the service. After your visit, our office can submit a superbill and file a claim on your behalf with your insurance provider. Once approved, your insurance provide will send your reimbursement. Please note, superbills cannot be submitted for Medicare or Medicaid. We accept all major credit cards, HSAs/FSA, cash and check. Please note if paying by cash or check we require a credit card to be on file.


      Metabolic Assessment - $550

      Accountability Program - $450 per month

      Nutrition Intensive - $300

      Follow-Up Visits - $250